Hyperthermia- How to Address Its Symptoms

Hyperthermia is generally distinguished by an unexpectedly high body temperature. It is an infection caused by increased temperatures. There are different types of Hyperthermia. It emerge among people living in humid hot conditions. When oneโ€™s body is unable to release the amount of heat it absorbs from the environment, then Hyperthermia occurs. This can also be caused due to over work in hot temperatures. It is not same as obtain a fever. This can cause injure but it is also treatable. Please Read the article to know more about Hyperthermia and its types, symptoms and aid.

There are different Types of Hyperthermia:

1.Cramps: Muscle cramping can occur due to the loss sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, phosphate, and magnesium all these are electrolytes in your body fluids. High temperatures can leads to too much sweating and waste of salt and necessary fluids from your body. Heat cramps can occur mainly from your legs or feet and from yours hands.

2.Exhaustion: Heat exhaustion is more serious form of Hyperthermia. Because of this heat exhaustion your body temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius or more and this can leads to heatstroke.

3.Rash: If your body sweat above normal in the heat, there is a chance to get a heat rash. It will look like collection of red pimples or red bubbles. These types of red bubbles can spread and mostly it will develop in your armpits, arms, neck, chest and on elbow region.

4.Stress: Hyperthermia can harm persons mental health. People who mostly work in hot weather conditions leads to exhaustion and mental stress. Who works in the field of Firefighters, coal miners, construction workers, etc are suffer from heat stress.

5.Heatstroke: Hyperthermia can lead to heatstroke. Heatstroke can damage persons health and can affect multiple organs of body. Your body temperature increases above normal conditions and you can feel loss of sense of direction, weak, unwell.

Symptoms of hyperthermia:

1.You may feel sudden muscle shiver in your feet, legs, hands, calves and thighs. This will be painful and you cannot move for some time. It leaves you feeling painful afterwards.

2.One of the most common symptoms of Hyperthermia is Blurred vision.

3.Your breathing may increase while you walk and your pulse is bounce to increase to help your body cool down and you can feel immediate headache along with thirsty feeling.

4.Due to the heat you may face loss of consciousness and insufficient supply of oxygen to brain. Your blood pressure levels will be decreases and blood flow to your brain will be reduced. You can feel collapse without any sense for a while.

5.You may have trouble by corelating your muscles and your speech may become unclear.

6.Skin feels sweaty above normal.

7.You cannot do work as normal and you feel weak.

Prevention and aid for hyperthermia:

Most important to know who is most at risk of Hyperthermia. Those who working in dry or hot conditions there is chance to get Hyperthermia. For example construction workers, farmers, labours etc are high chances to get Hyperthermia. People with heart conditions, blood-pressure issue may find it difficult to cool their bodies down because of their health issues. Some people take low sodium diet that can also lead to Hyperthermia. Aged persons are also harmed by such excessive conditions because of their age. Younger childrenโ€™s who play in the sun can also get blow of Hyperthermia. There are some tips to prevent Hyperthermia:

  • While doing work take break in a cool area like trees, sheds etc.
  • Drink lot of water to stay hydrated. For better results you can include electrolyte-based drinks or fruit juices to avoid Hyperthermia.
  • For better circulation of air, you need to wear cool coloured and loose-fitting clothes.
  • Never leave childrenโ€™s in hot areas or places.
  • Avoid difficult activity.
  • If it is possible schedule you plan or activities to cooler parts of the day like in the evening.

You need to call medical support right away after you notice Hyperthermia symptoms. While medical support team is on the way please donโ€™t to any physical activity and take rest in cool areas. Remove unnecessary clothing and if possible look for ice pack or cool sponging to apply to your skin. You can apply ointment or powder to rashes which can be irritated to your skin. Try to expand tight muscles.

Hyperthermia can be dangerous one should protect themselves and others for better assistance in need of terrible situations. Hyperthermia can be life threatening if it is not treated properly.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purpose and it is not planned for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Different persons have different symptoms according to individual symptoms they can consult their physician.

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